Wearing Overalls At Work

An overall is a single piece of protective work garment that includes two pant legs, chest covering and suspenders. Because of the usefulness of this garment, it has been the staple attire in several occupations spanning different industries. People who do physically demanding jobs prefer to work in this garment which does not restrict their movement, stain or ruin their regular clothes as they comfortably perform their tasks.

Finding The Right Size Of Overalls For Men And Women

You don’t want an overall that’s too small or too large. This garment is designed to serve protective clothing and not as something that limits your reach and overall movement or puts you in danger while at work. That said, you need to find the right fit by taking your body measurements and matching the figures you get with those found on your manufacturer’s sizing chart.

Normally, the waist measurement is used in sizing this particular garment. With that in mind, accurately measuring your waist is important in finding the right size of overall for you to wear at work.

You also need to take the measurement of your inseam. Inseam refers to the inside seam of your trouser leg. Measuring your inseam would mean finding the length of the line that starts from the crotch area all the way down to the bottom of your leg. If you want, you can measure the inseam of one of your old pants whose fit you find the most comfortable. Just subtract an inch or two from the figure you get as the overall’s fit is looser than that of your regular trousers. Your chest measurement is another requirement in finding the right size of this garment for you.

For the ladies, finding the right size of this work outfit would also require you to measure the widest portion of the hips and buttocks.

Ordering Overalls

Once you contact the manufacturers, expect to find certain differences with the way each of them sizes these work clothing. So before you place your order, tell them what your measurements are in figures not as small, medium or large.

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