Security Uniform

Security Uniform: Functionality Over Style

Unlike uniforms worn by other service-oriented employees, security uniform must be tailored for functionality over style. The aesthetic value of the clothing is one aspect to be considered in choosing a uniform for security personnel, but it should not be the main reason for the design of your staff’s uniform.

In terms of style, the design of your security personnel’s uniform must reflect the nature of their work. The uniform of your security personnel must tell others that they are an authority in terms of keeping the building or premises safe from intruders or scoundrels. Moreover, the uniform should allow them to move freely and should be comfortable for them even when they need to stay outside under the sun.

Why Security Uniform Stands Out Amongst Other Work Uniforms

One of the requirements for security personnel’s uniform is that it should stand out in the crowd. For instance, security guards in the building must be easy to identify by guests and customers from the other employees. Security personnel are the ones people should approach whenever they are looking for an office, have lost something, or want to report a trouble. This is why their uniform must be different from that of other employees.

The uniform should bring more than a sense of pride to security personnel. It should also give them authority to check on suspicious people and circumstances at the premises they are assigned to. Aside from the clothing, security staff members are also armed with other implements like batons, whistles, handheld metal detectors, and other tools they need for their job. Their clothing must support these tools so they can carry them efficiently.

Talk To Your Supplier Regarding Your Security Uniform Order

The best thing you can do to acquire the most suitable uniforms for your security personnel is to contact a reputable uniform supplier. A good supplier should be willing to provide you with customisation services to make the uniform compatible to the wearer.

Talk to your supplier about the exact duties of the employees who are going to wear the security uniform you want to order. By the information you provide, the supplier will then recommend you functional uniforms for your security staff.

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