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Uniform Singapore

Uniform Singapore – Customized Vs. Ready-Made Uniforms

Torn between ordering custom-made uniforms and buying ready-made ones? There are a lot of factors to consider when making a decision regarding Uniform Singapore ordering or purchasing. While budget matters, the well-being and comfort of the person wearing it should be major priorities, too.

Advantages of Customized Uniform Singapore Services

Custom-made uniforms are a must-have if you aim for your business to be unique and be easily recognised by people who patronise your products or services. You don’t only get to choose what colours and style to use, but also incorporate your company logo into the overall design of the garment. This means instant branding which is a great marketing tool that you can use to build your brand image.

Ordering custom-made apparel from Uniform Singapore suppliers offer will ensure that the fit is right for each body type because the finished product will be based on actual body measurements. If it’s not the right size, then alterations can be done at no cost.

You also have the liberty to choose the type of materials to use depending on the nature of the job of the wearer. Workmanship is also generally better than the ready-made counterparts because of the premium price that goes with it, along with the higher level of comfort that it offers.

However, in consideration of the several factors as mentioned above, customized uniforms usually take longer to finish. Because there are more steps involved, it’s possible that delays in purchasing, production, and delivery will take place.

Why Others Prefer Ready-Made Uniform Singapore Items

One major consideration of opting for ready-made uniforms is the price. Given that they are mass-produced, suppliers have a lot of such items in stock. As a result, they generally come out much cheaper than tailor-made garments.

While limitation in size, colour, and style may pose as a disadvantage, this also is the reason that there are companies that choose to purchase ready-to-wear uniforms. They are available in standard, widely accepted colours and styles so you won’t have a hard time deciding which to choose and buy. They are off-the-rack and readily available for purchasing. Should you need to buy additional pieces in the future, doing so won’t be a problem because you can go to your chosen supplier anytime and buy what you need at once.

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